Creating a Wise User Account

If a user doesn't already have a Wise account then you can create one for them. The signup with registration code feature lets you create new users directly via an API call. You will send via API all of the data Wise needs to serve these users in your region, meaning users have their accounts created without ever leaving your banking app, making a very streamlined flow.

You will define a registration_code for the user that act similarly to a password, although is limited in scope to be used only by your integration over the API. You exchange this value for user tokens, as described in the detailed documentation above. This code can be used to regenerate tokens should they become invalid so you should save it in your database to allow this. Due to the password-like nature of this data we recommend to store it encrypted at rest for security.

We can provide this option to banks where we can create a trusted reliance or outsourcing model on your KYC processes.

Below is a sequence diagram showing this flow.

New user onboarding sequence

If you attempt to create a user that already has a Wise account they will always need to be redirected to the account linking flow, you can detect this at the point you attempt to create the user based on the API response of 409 conflict. See the detailed guide under the endpoint documentation for more details.

Note that these new users have to accept the Wise Terms and Conditions as part of their sign up process, which should be available for them to read as a link to our website.