Personal Tokens API personal tokens are authentication codes used to access the Wise Platform API. They are provided to users upon registering an account on To find them, navigate to your Settings page and click API tokens. On this page, users can generate and access their personal token. You must have 2-step login set up to generate a personal token.

Once a user has their token, it can be used to access the Wise Platform API. To do this, users should enter their personal token as an authorization header when making an API request. This will allow the Wise Platform API to identify and authenticate the user.

Personal tokens should only be shared with trusted individuals, and never with the public. They should also never be stored in plain text or unsecured files. Doing so could compromise the user’s account and data.
Personal tokens are not meant to be used for partner integrations and cannot be used with any of our connected account models. If in doubt, please contact Wise to ensure you are using the correct token type.