Wise Platform API Support

For help with the Wise API, answers to common questions, or any additional technical support you need.

How do I get a Client ID and Client Secret?

We only provide a Client ID and Client Secret for Wise Platform partner integrations. You can still connect with your own Wise account over API though, personal API tokens will help you achieve this. Learn more.

Can I use Wise API to receive money in my online checkout?

The main use for the Wise API is to automate payouts. We don't offer the option to build Wise into your checkout flow as a payment option to receive money.

The good news is that you can use the local bank details that come with your Wise account (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD and PLN) and reconcile the incoming payments via the API.

How do I create a payment link on the API?

Unfortunately this isn't a feature that is supported on our Public API. Please continue to create these links on the Wise.com interface.

How can I start testing the API?

You'll need to create a new account in Wise Sandbox to get started testing the API - your actual Wise account won't work. Also, logging in or registering with your Facebook or Google account is not supported.

Does it cost anything to use the Wise API?

There aren't any additional charges for using Wise API with a personal token - the regular pricing system adopted by Wise for customers is applied. You can find out more about Wise account features and pricing here.

What currencies can I send to and from?

You can find more info on which currencies you can send to and from here; and which currencies you can add, keep, and receive into your Wise account here.

I have a question about my Wise account, can you help?

Head to the Wise Help Centre to get your question to the right team.

If you are thinking about or want to learn more about a direct integration partnership with Wise, head to Wise Platform to find out more.

For technical questions about the Wise API, contact api@wise.com.

For support with our Open Banking APIs, head to our Open Banking Guide.

If you're experiencing issues calling our API endpoints, the first place to check is the status page.
Wise Status Page

You can also integrate with the Wise Status Page over API. Learn more.