Wise API

All the technical details of our APIs can be found here.

We recommend starting from the Integration Guides to work through specific examples of how to integrate with the Wise API.

The Wise Platform API is continuously evolving as we offer new features and coverage to our API customers. Here we explain how our API versioning is maintained so you know what to expect.

It's important to us that third-party integrations are not adversely affected by changes and we endeavor to uphold these standards as part of making convenience and transparency part of our company's mission. We are regularly reviewing our policies to make sure we're delivering the best possible API developer experience.

These policies apply to both our REST API and our webhooks (push-based event API).

A breaking change refers to any change that requires a client to update their application in order to continue working with the API as originally intended. If an API field or resource is removed or renamed, then a breaking change has taken place. In this case we will increment the version of the affected API endpoints to prevent breaking existing customer integrations.

Under our current policy, API endpoints are not all versioned together, if API endpoint compatibility has changed in the new version as a result of a breaking change we will provide clear instructions in our documentation on which API calls must be used together.