Webhooks & Notifications

Webhooks are a user-defined callback that is triggered by a business event within Wise's system. For example, a webhook callback may describe a change in the status of a transfer you have made.

In Wise all webhook callbacks uses HTTP POST requests. A webhook subscription is a way for a web application to receive notifications about specific business events. We support the following subscription types:

Application webhook subscriptions allow you to receive notifications when events happen to resources created by your application.

Profile webhook subscriptions allow you to receive notifications when events happen to resources created under a specific Wise profile.

When a business event occurs and a webhook is created an HTTP POST request is prepared. The webhook is considered successfully processed only when a 200 response is received.

In Wise we have implemented HTTP request retries with exponential backoff with the following policy:

  • first retry with a 1-min delay
  • second retry with a 2-min delay
  • third retry with a 4-min delay
  • ..
  • after the eleventh retry, there are 14 more retries once a day

Before proceeding, make sure the endpoint where you intend to receive webhooks satisfies the following requirements:

  • Has a valid domain name (IPs are disallowed)
  • Listens to HTTPS requests on port 443
  • Has a valid HTTPS certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority - CA (self-signed or expired certificates are not accepted)
  • Does not include any query arguments in the URL

https://webhooks.example.com/balance-change is a valid URL; http://webhooks.example.com:8080/hook.php?type=balance is not.

You can have multiple subscriptions per event type though be mindful you will receive duplicate callbacks, one for each subscription.

There are two ways you can manage profile webhooks:

  • via API (read more below)
  • via user interface (go to your settings page)

Application and profile level webhooks are subscribed to using your APi token. Please see the full API reference on Webhooks for more information on how to create, manage, and view webhook subscriptions.

Events will not contain any personally identifiable information.
Application and profile webhooks will contain the same information, however creating, managing, and using them is done with different endpoints. Please make sure you are using the right endpoints to subscribe and manage webhooks.