Testing + Go Live

Testing over the SWIFT Network is currently not very straight forward, as we have to simulate sending SWIFT messages in our Sandbox environment.

In order to test, we are required to do real payments over the network. As SWIFT messages take some time to complete, testing can be slow through this method. Further, updating SSI details can often take time as well.

To manage these issues, there are two ways we will test the integration.

Mock MT103 with Sandbox

Once we have configured Sandbox, you will be able to complete the initial tech build for webhook subscriptions, balance statements, and sweeping of funds.

In order to test your listener service and MT parser, you should use the following simulation endpoint to send a mock MT103 to sandbox.

Note: EUR is the only currencyCode supported at this time so that should remain as is but feel free to adjust the amount as needed.

If the request on the right is successful it will log the transfer in our back office. You should then receive the corresponding swift-in#credit event that will be triggered. In addition, this should also result in a balance update. Please reach out to your dedicated Implementation Manager for assistance if you do not receive the event.

The above steps will allow you to check all settings, your webhook subscription and your process for sweeping your account before moving to production.

Example swift-in simulation request
curl -X POST https://api.sandbox.transferwise.tech/v1/simulation/profiles/{profileId}/swift-in \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <your api token>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"currencyCode": "EUR",
"amount": 100

Unused/Test BIC in Production

Many of our partners have additional BICs specifically for testing. We recommend updating the SSI on this to our BIC once your implementation manager informs you to. This ensures we can test proper flows and production testing when ready to go live.

Once configuration is completed, and production testing has been completed, you will need to update your SSI for your production BIC to point to our BIC.

It is also recommended that you notify other members that the SSI has been updated, as it can often take a long time for members to update on their own. This can be done through an MT670 message sent directly to SWIFT, after which they will send an MT671 to all institutions. Wise needs to send this message on the partner's behalf, and this comes at a cost which will be discussed and invoiced directly.