Partner Support

During the normal operation of integrations, either our partners or Wise will require additional information or have questions. To facilitate this in an efficient way, we offer multiple ways to interact with our partner support system.

Partner support is provided via a standard case system, similar to common support ticketing software like Zendesk, JIRA Service or Twillio. When requesting additional information, a new case will be opened and actioned by the appropriate stakeholders until it is considered resolved.

It's important to understand the benefits and costs of each of the below methods. Wise currently offers partner support and operations via email and API.

Depending on the type of your integration and requirements, your implementation manager will recommend the best option for your needs.

Creating cases via email is a standard method of integrating your support processes with Wise. We will issue you a specif email address to use and then all support cases should be sent there.

Responses will be sent to the sender email, but we can also designate a cc email for all cases and updates as well.

As all responses are delivered via email, we cannot guarantee the structure or how it will be represented by email clients. We recommend that if you plan to automate or otherwise rely on the structure of the support emails, that you use the API method to integrate instead.

Creating and managing cases via the Partner Support APIs allow for partners to connect directly in a structured and more secure way to our partner support system.

As this is currently in a closed beta, further details will be provided to partners directly. If you would like to join this beta, please reach out to your implementation manager.

The Partner Support APIs are currently in a closed Beta and subject to change. Please speak with your implementation manager if you would like to integrate with these APIs