Brazil Regional Guide

Discover the ins and outs of Wise's integration with partners in Brazil with this user-friendly guide. Delve into the specific features that characterize our collaboration in the Brazilian market, covering essential aspects like PIX Payments, regional reporting, and IOF taxation.

PIX Payments

Wise has seamlessly integrated with PIX to empower its users in Brazil. Leveraging PIX's real-time capabilities, Wise customers can now send and receive funds swiftly within the country. This integration is also made available to our partners.

CPF/CNPJ and Financial Capacity

Wise must have a CPF/CNPJ as well as the financial capacity for all Brazilian customers. Depending on the integration type, we will obtain this information during the onboarding over API.

IOF and Transfer Nature

When moving funds both out of or into Brazil, Wise must understand the transfer nature and use that information to charge and remit the proper IOF taxes.

Information about this can be found in the API reference and a complete guide is coming soon.