PIX Payments

PIX, Brazil's groundbreaking payment network introduced by the Central Bank in November 2020, revolutionizes financial transactions through cutting-edge technology. Known as "Pagamentos Instantâneos" (Instant Payments), PIX ensures real-time, 24/7 fund transfers, outpacing traditional methods. Leveraging QR codes and digital channels, PIX's technical prowess guarantees swift and seamless transactions, a stark departure from the delays of conventional banking. In essence, PIX's focus on speed and technological innovation marks a paradigm shift in Brazil's financial landscape.

Wise has seamlessly integrated with PIX to empower its users in Brazil. Leveraging PIX's real-time capabilities, Wise customers can now send and receive funds swiftly within the country. This integration is also made available to our partners.

PIX facilitates the ability to send funds to Wise either directly by your customers or from our partners on behalf of our customers.

Customer Sends Directly to Wise

In certain integrations, customers will need to send funds directly to Wise from their own bank accounts. This is often completed by scanning a QR code that is generated by the partner and scanned by the reader inside the customer bank's application.

In many cases, along with a QR code, a copy-paste code is given to facilitate same device code reading.

Both of these options can easily be created by the partner and displayed in the partner application. Please see the section below titled Creating PIX Codes for more details on how to do this.

Partner Sends Directly to Wise

In certain integrations, the partner will either be a bank and hold the customer funds themselves or will have a bulk settlement model that means the partner sends funds directly to Wise.

In either situation, the creation of the PIX message should include either the transfer reference ID (T12345678) or the bulk settlement reference (TPFB123456) as the transaction reference in the PIX message. This ensures we are able to match the incoming payment to the correct transaction within Wise.

Generating a PIX code for customer distribution, whether through a copy-paste code or scannable QR code, is a straightforward process. While some partners may opt for third-party libraries, it's worth noting that the requisite information for code generation is standard and readily accessible through our APIs. This enables a seamless and customizable approach for creating PIX codes tailored to your specific needs.

To create a PIX code, you will need:

  1. The amount of the transaction in BRL
  2. The transfer ID to be included in the transaction
  3. The PIX key to send the funds to
  4. The name of the merchant you are sending to
  5. The city of the merchant you are sending to

1 and 2 are details available to partners through the API as part of the standard transfer flow. 3, 4, and 5 are generally hard coded values that will be provided to you during your implementation phase.

After gathering the details mentioned earlier, you have various ways to create the copy-paste code and QR code. You can program this yourself or use a third-party library. Here are a few example libraries:

Please note that Wise has not conducted an evaluation of the aforementioned libraries. They have been included solely for illustrative purposes to showcase examples available as of the current writing.

The below is an example that have been generated to show how PIX would work when a customer sends directly to Wise. This was generated using the following information:

  1. 100 BRL - The amount of the transaction in BRL
  2. T12345678 - The transfer ID to be included in the transaction
  3. f3067536-2f6d-4a00-97ac-bd44fa86b051 - The PIX key to send the funds to
  4. Wise Corretora - The name of the merchant you are sending to
  5. Cidade - The city of the merchant you are sending to

This is a static PIX code and can be scanned or copied into a bank application to view how it will look and function for your customers.

Example PIX QR Code


Example PIX Copy-Paste Code
00020126580014br.gov.bcb.pix0136f3067536-2f6d-4a00-97ac-bd44fa86b05152040000530398654031005802BR5914Wise Corretora6006Cidade62130509T123456786304B10C