Card Issuance


Cards API is Wise's answer to partners that want to leverage Wise's existing card issuing infrastructure and licenses. With Cards API, you will be able to issue both physical and virtual cards to your users, along with a full suite of card management tools such as spending controls, relayed authorisation and a dynamic card dispute submission flow. We support a wide range of use cases, from issuing cards to your employees to simplifying your existing business processes, and even creating your own loyalty programs with your Wise co-branded cards. You can offer debit cards to your users - requested, issued and managed through your platform, powered by Wise.


A key thing about Wise's Cards API program is that all Wise cards are linked to a Wise Multi-Currency Account (MCA). An MCA provides multiple balances in different currencies (i.e USD, SGD, EUR) for the card.


Depending on your partner model, the authentication model will vary. We've included a table below to help you best figure out what authentication model works best for your use case.

Connected AppsFinancial Institution
Licensed and regulated?
Conducts AML/KYC for users?

Based on the table above, you can refer to these guides for authentication:


Our Postman collection has more details and examples of how to use our API, including how to link users to your integration, create cards, manage spending limits, set authorization rules, simulate and retrieve card transactions.