Transfer From Balance Account

Transferring from a balance follows the exact same flow as a standard transfer, with the exception being that it is funded from balance.

The steps below illustrate the flow required to create a quote, recipient, and transfer. Once the transfer is created, it can then be funded from the balance account

Follow the guides below to create a quote, recipient, and transfer as per the usual flow.

POST /v3/profiles/{{profileId}}/transfers/{{transferId}}/payments

This endpoint is SCA protected when it applies. If your profile is registered within the UK and/or EEA, SCA most likely applies to you. Please read more about implementing SCA below.
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This API call is the final step for executing payouts when using a balance with Wise. Upon calling the endpoint, Wise will begin the processing of the transfer, depending on the status of funds.

There is currently one type of funding that can be completed:

  • BALANCE - Funds are pulled from a multi-currency account held with Wise.

If funding from BALANCE, and your multi-currency account does not have the required funds to complete the action, then this call will fail with an "insufficient funds" error. Once funds are added and available, you must call this endpoint again.

{{profileId}} refers to the profile that created the transfer. It can be either your personal profile ID, or your business profile ID.


This indicates the type of funding you would like to apply to the transfer.

partnerReference (conditionally required)string

The transaction/payment identifier in your system, uniquely identifies the transfer in your platform. This is required for the Cross Currency Bulk Settlement model.


This indicates the type of funding you would like to apply to the transfer.




Failure reason. For example "balance.payment-option-unavailable".

Example Request
curl -X POST{{profileId}}/transfers/{{transferId}}/payments \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <your api token>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"type": "BALANCE"
Example Request - Balance - Completed
"type": "BALANCE",
"status": "COMPLETED",
"errorCode": null
Example Request - Balance - Insufficient Funds
"type": "BALANCE",
"status": "REJECTED",
"errorCode": "transfer.insufficient_funds"