Events Notifications & Webhooks

Certain webhooks should be subscribed to and listened for with relation to multi-currency accounts and related transactions on balance accounts.

The following two event types will update you on any changes or issues related with transfers and balance accounts for the profile. These are profile specific, and therefore need to be subscribed to on a profile basis.

  • transfers#active-cases - Monitors and alerts for any issues with a transfer.
  • balances#credit - Monitors and alerts if any credits are applied to a balance. Useful for when pay in may take time to complete or if being paid from another source.

It's recommended that subscriptions for these endpoints be included in your integration to monitor for transactions on the balance and if there are any issues with transfers.

The following two event types are available for the verification of profiles and for monitoring transfer state changes. These are supported at an integration level (subscribe once for the entire integration).

Please see the full Webhook & Notifications section to learn more.