Send Money

This guide will direct you through the complete Send Money flow, where it all started! Generally, the process for creating a transfer includes the following steps:

  1. Quote creation - Create a quote that includes your source and target currencies and the amount you want to transfer.
  2. Recipient Creation - Create or lookup the recipient/beneficiary that you want to send the funds to.
  3. Transfer creation - Create the transfer, adding any additional details as required.
  4. Fund the transfer - Use one of multiple methods to fund the transfer and begin the processing.

Below is a complete sequence diagram of the transfer flow.

Transfer flow sequence diagram

This guide assumes that you already have completed the process of account creation/access and that you have either a valid personal token or access token. If you have not completed this step, please review the guide that applies to your connection type.
Send Money Postman Collection

We've created a postman collection that follows along the same flows as documented below. Please use this to test your integrations. Host environment variable is

In the collection, we have done a few things to make life a bit easier:

  • Included our sandbox environment, where you can fully test your integration.
  • Included a set of the common calls required to create new users and profiles.
  • Included tests that automatically copy details from previous calls to environment variables.
  • Examples of successful call results for quick reference.

All of these additions should allow you to easily test through the entire flow with minimal efforts.

We recommend as well that you fork the collection. This allows you to receive updates and bug fixes as they become available.

Fork in Postman (opens in new tab)