After creating a quote, your application next needs to allow users to choose who will receive the funds, often referred to as the recipient or beneficiary.

This can either be completed by selecting an existing recipient the user previously created or by the user entering data to create a new one. What data that needs to be entered is dependent on a number of factors, which is why it can be requested as part of our dynamic forms solution.

Once the recipientID is known, your application is ready to create a transfer.

Each profile contains a list of active recipients that the user has previously sent to. Your application should use the list recipients by currency API to present a list of recipients to the user along with the ability to create a new recipient.

Once a user selects a particular recipient, your application should then update the quote with the recipient.

Always load a fresh set of recipient details from the Wise API when displaying a list or specific information about the recipient.

When creating a new recipient, there are a number of factors to consider, such as the currency pair, where the account is based, the amount of the transfer, and many more items. These factors additionally change on a regular basis, meaning creating and maintaining recipient account can be difficult.

With Wise, we have prepared a set of dynamic forms that work in a predictable and functional way. This allows you to rely on a single API endpoint to retrieve the details required for a particular quote and display that to users.

In order to do this, please see the Account Requirements Dynamic Forms API reference. This explains how to retrieve the account detail requirements, how to display and validate the data, and how to collect additional details.

Once the user has provided the details, your application will need to create the account. This can be done with the Create a New Recipient API.

Account Requirements Dynamic Forms are an absolute must for all integrations. This ensures that your application always has the most up-to-date information for creating recipients and that the flow will have fewer errors.
Not including dynamic forms for account requirements will result in your application breaking upon a change to those requirements, with users no longer able to create or update that type of recipient. If you are concerned about including dynamic forms in your application, please speak with the Wise team.

Testing in Sandbox

Because Sandbox is a test environment, there are some differences between Sandbox and Production. Please keep these in mind as you test.

While we validate some recipient account details in Sandbox, full bank detail validation can only be tested in Production.

Speak with the Wise team if you have further questions about testing recipients in Sandbox.