We provide two distinct environments, Production and Sandbox, to allow developers to develop, test, and deploy their applications.

Production Environment is the live environment that developers can use to send real-time requests to the Wise Platform API. This environment is intended to be used in the final stages of development when the application is ready for deployment.

Sandbox Environment is the testing environment that developers can use to build and test the application. This environment allows developers to make API requests without affecting the production environment. It is ideal for testing API requests, because it is similar (but not identical) to the production environment.

The Sandbox environment is designed for testing and does not support real money transfers, actual financial controls, or all currency routes available in our Production environment.

We provide a Simulation API to test money movement flows and other features, supporting the testing of webhooks and their payloads, which otherwise would not be possible.

Sandbox is a test environment. Therefore, only test data should be included in this environment. Do not include real data in sandbox when building your integration, as the data is not subject to the same access controls as our production environment.
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